How many reasons are there for us to love IWRY so much? They're posted below.

Special thanks to: LoveBA, Angel-15 & Emily!

IWRY is so wonderful because....

1) Doyle asking Angel what he wanted.....flash to a picture of Buffy at the pier....because OF COURSE that's what Angel wants....what he has ALWAYS wanted.

2) The sunlight.....sigh.....even though Buffy had to be confused as hell....the kiss and that's all that matters right then.

3) Angel being concerned....saying that he had to make sure that she wouldn't be hurt again....

4) One touch......and all their noble intentions fly out the window...

5) The kitchen table scene. They can't get enough of each other. Such incredible passion and love.

6) The whole bed/food scene....

7) Angel laughing with delight while Buffy is licking the ice cream off him.....leading to even more carnal delights....even better than food....

8) a human....being not only able of keeping up with and completely satisfying the SLAYER.....but actually making her pleasantly numb......don't we all wish we were there instead.

9) Angel saying....'For now'....with THAT LOOK....

10) 'Sleep. We'll make another one like it tomorrow.'

11) 'Now more than ever, I now how much I love you.'

12) It's chock full of B/A goddness.

13) Because being with Angel makes her feel like a normal girl

14) The line 'Don't you wanna wake the girl?' 'Not for the world' *sigh*

15) For one day ... they were together with no regards to the consequences.

16) They want each other before he turns human

17) Angel's not sorry for the was well above it was *incredible*

18) She felt his heartbeat

19) Angel was "willing to sacrifice every drop of human happiness and love he has ever known for another..."

20) Everytime I watch the ending I still hope it'll end happily.

21) Buffy feeling him outside and watching him walk to her in the sunlight. . Thanks to Kristian

Are there any reasons you have that we haven't put here? Email me and I'll add them here. :)