"I Will Remember You" quiz

> answer at least 15 questions correctly <

1.Who wrote "I Will Remember You"?

Joss Whedon
Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt
David Greenwalt
David Greenwalt and Jeanne Renshaw

2.What were Cordy and Doyle going to watch?

Interview with a Vampire
the director's cut of Titanic

3.Which gifts did Angel bring the Oracles?

a watch
a watch and a vase

4.What kills the Mohra demon?

smashing its jewel
it can't be killed
a special dagger

5.How many Mohra demons did Buffy and Angel meet?

none, since it didn't really happen

6.How many times did Buffy and Angel say 'I love you' throughout the episode?

Angel did once, Buffy never did
they both never did

7.Where did Buffy and Angel make love?

on the floor
on Angel's bed
on Cordy's desk
on the kitchen table and Angel's bed

8.Who knew first that Angel turned human?

the Mohra demon

9.When was the day turned back?


10.What food was mentioned in the episode?

ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate
chocolate and ice cream
yogurt, ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter
yogurt, bread, cheese

11.What did Cordelia compare Doyle to?

her cat
her dog
an idiot

12.What was the 'mature plan' for Buffy and Angel?

getting back together right away
not getting back together at all
waiting to find out what Angel's humanity meant
sleeping together

13.What did Buffy and Angel break?

Angel's office window
Angel's kitchen table
Angel's bed

14.What was Buffy wearing while eating ice cream?

a black robe
her shirt
Angel's shirt

15.What is 'just right'?

ice cream on Angel's chest
Buffy and Angel
Angel's humanity
giving up the 'mature plan'

16.Why did Angel go to Sunnydale?

to help Buffy
because Doyle had a vision
because Hus was after Buffy
all of the above

17.What hapened in the sewers the first time?

Buffy and Angel kissed
Buffy and Angel broke up
Buffy and Angel met
Buffy and Angel slayed a demon

18.How had Buffy known Angel had been in Sunnydale before Xander spilled it?

she didn't
Willow told her
she saw him
she felt him

19.Why was Cordelia upset with Buffy and Angel getting back together, according to her?

she didn't like Buffy
she was jealous
it cost her her job
all of the above

20.Did Buffy ever see Angel's apartment?

they spent 24 hours in there
no, never
just a little
just the bedroom